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The first stage


From 2005 to 2010 is the initial stage of enterprise culture: hard work starts. Because the enterprise has just been established and is located in the countryside, it can not recruit talents. It mainly relies on pure manual work, and there are no large orders. What's more, it depends on the personality charm and professionalism of the management to lead all employees to start from small list and processing for other enterprises, and pay close attention to product quality step by step, The company has been constantly developing sales channels, attracting the attention and praise of the industry. Nanpu's spirit is focused on Youshi people. At the same time, it also promotes the enterprise to start a successful business under difficult conditions. At this time, it reflects the spirit of struggle, diligence and integrity of Youshi people.


The second stage


From 2010 to 2015 is the period of survival and growth: seize the opportunity, rapid development, due to the emphasis on quality, honesty, the company's business volume is growing, the original 500 square meters of building has not adapted to the company's development, in 2010 the company moved to the overall 4000 square meters of zhangqingtang road rental plant, due to close to the county, the number of employees and management has increased significantly, Management and business have been improved. In that year, it realized an output value of more than 7 million yuan and became a local star enterprise.



The third stage


From 2015 to now is a period of development and growth: to move into the new factory as an opportunity, to technological innovation as the focus, enhance brand strength, promote development. The company adheres to the concept of inheritance and innovation, uses its own technology, collects experts' opinions, continuously develops new products, introduces advanced equipment such as CNC machining center, centering edging machine, centering gluing machine, Shaw brin lathe, introduces management team, and introduces advanced management methods such as excellent performance and 6S management, Make the personal spirit and personality charm of the management gradually develop into the value orientation of all employees to the company, and gradually establish the determination of "becoming the best minimally invasive medical device expert in China, leading the domestic brand to the world"; So far, the company has basically formed a corporate culture with distinctive characteristics of Youshi.

Development planning


Use the company's strong R & D foundation to carry out new product R & D and technological innovation, and strive for the support of national policy funds; Make full use of the advantages of quality, brand and channel to expand production capacity, seize the domestic market and expand the European and American markets; Adopt market penetration strategy to expand market share; Strengthen the cooperation between the upper and lower units of the supply chain; Consolidate and expand the core competitiveness of Tonglu Youshi, increase the development of new products, and constantly improve the level of R & D and production technology, so that the company can become a benchmark in the same industry. And on this basis, the company's operating income, after tax profits and staff income have a greater growth, to create the greatest value for the society.



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