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YS202 GQJ-Ⅱ Uterine Endoscope
Y2052 Uterine Endoscope (Integral straight tube) Φ5.2/0°, length 220mm Y2052.3 Uterine Endoscope (Integrated Straight Tube) Φ6.2/0°, Length 220mm Y2052.2 Uterine Endoscope (Integral straight tube) Φ5.2/30°, length 220mm Y2052.4 Uterine Endoscope (Integral straight tube) Φ6.2/30°, length 220mm 203.103 soft biopsy forceps 5Fr 203.104 soft shear 5Fr 203.105 Soft foreign body pliers 5Fr 203.106 Soft tooth holding pliers 5Fr 202.005 brush 202.011 inlet/outlet connector Sealing cap
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YS202 Uterine Endoscope
Φ5.2mm/0°×220mm Φ5.2mm/30°×220mm Φ6.2mm/0°×220mm Φ6.2mm/30°×220mm
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Hysteroscope accessories
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