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Medical endoscope and instrument sterilization box

107.021 Double Hysteroscopic Surgery System Sterilization Box 490×282×125mm 107.024 Cold knife hysteroscope sterilization box 395×120×80mm 111.060 Laparoscopy instrument sterilization box 540×230×70mm 111.060.2 Laparoscopy instrument sterilization box 540×300×155mm 111.060.5 Laparoscopy instrument sterilization box (wrapped) 550×250×100mm 111.070 Endoscope instrument sterilization box (abdominal cavity, bladder) 440×84×42mm 111.071 Endoscope instrument sterilization box (ear, nose, throat) 270×84×42mm 111.072 Sinusoscope instrument sterilization box (full set) 360×260×90mm 111.073 Support laryngoscope disinfection box (full set) 435×210×90mm 111.074 urethral cystoscope sterilization box (full set) 530×230×90mm 111.075 ureteroscope disinfection box 660×140×80mm 111.076 Electric hysterectomy sterilizer (full set) 540×250×135mm 111.077 Resection mirror disinfection box (full set) 420×280×90mm 111.081 Hysteroscope sterilization box 380×140×85mm 111.081.1 Hysteroscope and supporting surgical instrument sterilization box 490×200×70mm
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