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YS104 Thyroid Surgical Instruments
Stripper (thyroid) 104.001 Φ11×330mm Stripper (thyroid) 104.002 Φ6×330mm Suction tube (subcutaneous separator) 104.003 Φ4×330mm Suction tube (subcutaneous injector) 104.004 Φ3×330mm Thyroid Retractor 104.005 Φ1.6×130mm left hook 104.006 Φ1.6×130mm right hook Electric hook Φ5×330mm Flushing device (push valve) Φ5×330mm Trocar (magnetic valve) Φ5.5/10.5×120mm No damage grasping forceps Φ5×330mm Curved separation pliers Φ5×330mm Curved separation pliers (90°) Φ5×330mm Bending shear Φ5×330mm
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