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YS112 single hole (through the umbilical) abdominal surgery instrument
Puncture device (single hole) 112.001 Puncture device (simple) 112.001 Curved separation pliers 112.004 Φ5×400mm Bending shear 112.005 Φ5×400mm Gallbladder grasping forceps 112.006 Φ5×400mm No damage grasping forceps 112.007 Φ5×400mm Tissue grabbing forceps (heavy duty) 112.008 Φ5×400mm Plastic clamp 112.012 Φ5×400mm Flusher 112.009 Φ5×400mm Electric hook 112.010 Φ5×400mm Electric rod 112.010 Φ5×400mm
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