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DQJ-Ⅰ type electric resection mirror (press type)

Inner sheath 504.001A Inner sheath (obturator) 504.002A For outer sheath 504.003A Endoscope Y50312 Φ4×302mm 12° Manipulator 504.005A Flusher (Hoffman) 504.012.1 Connector (with hose) 504.011 Inner sheath 504.001A Outer sheath 504.005A Obturator (for inner sheath) 504.002A Obturator (for inner sheath) 504.002A Outer sheath 504.004A Manipulator 504.005A Manipulator 504.005A Toothed electric cutting ring 504.006 Rolling electric cutting ring 504.007 Shovel-shaped electric cutting ring 504.008 Electric cutting ring 504.009 Needle electric cutting ring 504.015
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