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YS201 DZ electric hysterectomy device and supporting surgical instruments

Puncture cannula Resection knife tube Grasping forceps Handheld motor (electric motor) Handheld motor connection line Electric hysterectomy device Cutting knife tube (belly) 201.001 Φ10mm×320mm 201.002 Φ15mm×320mm 201.003 Φ18mm×320mm Cutting knife tube (female) 201.004 Φ15mm×320mm 201.005 Φ18mm×320mm Puncture sleeve (magnetic sheet) 201.008.2 Φ15mm×105mm 201.009.2 Φ18mm×105mm Expander 201A.010 Φ10mm/Φ15mm 201A.011 Φ10mm/Φ18mm converter 201.013 15mm-5mm 201.014 18mm-5mm Measuring stick 201.006 Φ5mm×500mm Stick 201.007 Φ5mm×420mm Myoma drill 201.019 Φ5mm×420mm 201.020 Φ10mm×420mm Push knot 201.015 Φ5mm×330mm Uterine device 201.018 400mm Grasping forceps 201.016 Φ10mm×420mm 201.017 Φ5mm×420mm Uterine grasping forceps 201.021.1 60mm (50mm, 70mm, 90mm) Uterine grasping forceps 201.021 250mm Handheld motor (electric motor) 201.023 Handwheel 201.026 Electric hysterectomy device Uterine fibroids stripper (optional) 209.003.1 Φ10mm×400mm Uterine fibroids stripper (optional) 209.003.2 Φ5mm×400mm
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