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Rotatable and flexible surgical instruments
Curved separation pliers 112.004 Φ5×400mm Bending shear 112.005 Φ5×400mm Gallbladder grasping forceps 112.006 Φ5×400mm No damage grasping forceps 112.007 Φ5×400mm Tissue grabbing forceps (heavy duty) 112.008 Φ5×400mm Curved separation pliers 113.002 (with electrode) Φ5×420mm 113.002.1 Φ5×420mm Tissue grabbing forceps (non-invasive) 113.003 (with electrode) Φ5×420mm 113.003.1 Φ5×420mm No damage grasping forceps 113.004 (with electrode) Φ5×420mm 113.004.1 Φ5×420mm Tissue grabbing forceps (heavy duty) 113.005 (with electrode) Φ5×420mm 113.005.1 Φ5×420mm Tissue Grasping Forceps (Inverted Teeth) 113.006 (with electrode) Φ5×420mm 113.006.1 Φ5×420mm Tissue grabbing forceps (rat teeth) 113.007 (with electrode) Φ5×420mm 113.007.1 Φ5×420mm Gallbladder grasping forceps 113.008 (with electrode) Φ5×420mm 113.008.1 Φ5×420mm Flushing device (single bend and single suction) 115.009-n01
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