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YS401 Esophagoscope
Esophagoscope 401.001 Φ9×13×250mm 401.002 Φ11×15×300mm 401.003 Φ10×16×350mm 401.004 Φ13×17×380mm 401.005 Φ12×18×400mm Suction tube 401.010 Φ2.5mm×450mm 401.011 Φ3mm×450mm 401.012 Φ4mm×450mm Esophagoscope handle 401.013 Esophageal foreign body forceps 401.006 duck mouth shape Φ4×500mm 401.007 duck mouth shape Φ4×350mm Esophageal foreign body forceps 401.008 inverted tooth shape Φ4mm×500mm 401.009 inverted tooth shape Φ4mm×350mm
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