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ZC type support laryngoscope
Support frame 303.003 laryngoscope Micro Laryngeal Forceps Support frame 303.003 laryngoscope 303.001 large (with endoscope interface) 303.002 small (with optical fiber) handle 303.017 Micro Laryngoscope 303.014 Microscopic Throat Needle 303.015 Microscopic Throat Hook 303.016 Suction tube 303.018 Φ4×250mm 303.019 Φ3×250mm 303.020 Φ2.5×250mm Micro Laryngeal Forceps (Straight Bowl Type) 303.004×Φ2×230mm Micro Laryngeal Forceps (Upper Curved Bowl Type) 303.005×Φ2×230mm Micro laryngeal forceps (left curved) 303.006×Φ2×230mm Microscopic Laryngeal Forceps (right curved) 303.007×Φ2×230mm Micro laryngeal forceps (foreign body type) 303.008×Φ2×230mm Micro Laryngeal Forceps (Triangle Head 0°) 303.009×Φ2×230mm Micro Laryngeal Forceps (Triangular head 45°) 303.010×Φ2×230mm Micro throat scissors (30°) 303.011×Φ2×230mm Microscopic throat scissors (straight) 303.012×Φ2×230mm
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