YS202 GQJ-Ⅱ Uterine Endoscope

Y2052 Uterine Endoscope (Integral straight tube) Φ5.2/0°, length 220mm Y2052.3 Uterine Endoscope (Integrated Straight Tube) Φ6.2/0°, Length 220mm Y2052.2 Uterine Endoscope (Integral straight tube) Φ5.2/30°, length 220mm Y2052.4 Uterine Endoscope (Integral straight tube) Φ6.2/30°, length 220mm 203.103 soft biopsy forceps 5Fr 203.104 soft shear 5Fr 203.105 Soft foreign body pliers 5Fr 203.106 Soft tooth holding pliers 5Fr 202.005 brush 202.011 inlet/outlet connector Sealing cap

DN-Ⅰ Bipolar Coagulation Forceps (Plastic Handle)

101.015A Φ5×330mm Clamp rod handle Flat type 101.015A.2 Hollow belt ring type 101.015A.3 Curved 101.015A.4

DN-Ⅱ Bipolar Coagulation Forceps

101.017A Φ5×330mm 101.017B Φ5×330mm 101.017C Φ5×420mm bendable Clamp rod handle Bipolar coagulation forceps (no damage) 101.017.3A Bipolar coagulation forceps (bent separation) 101.017A

YS508 uretero-nephroscope

Y50812 Uretero-nephroscope 12° 508.001 operator 508.002 expander 13Fr 508.003 expander 11Fr 508.004 expander 9Fr 508.005 metal guide wire 508.006 soft tooth holding pliers (hard tube) 508.007 soft biopsy forceps (hard tube) 508.008 soft scissors (hard tube) 508.009 Soft foreign body pliers (hard tube) 503.012 water valve connector 503.016 sealing cap 111.010 light guide 508.012 sets of stone blue (optional)

YS305 ERK type ear surgery instrument bag

Cerumen hook 305.001 305.001.1 305.001.2 305.001.3 305.001.4 305.001.5 305.001.6 305.001.7 305.001.8 305.001.9 305.001.10 305.001.11 Middle ear scissors 305.002 Middle ear polyp forceps 305.003 Upper curved ear pliers 305.004 Ear pliers 305.005 Ear pliers (stapes installation pliers) 305.006 Ear pliers (stapes pliers) 305.007 Otology suction tube (straight) 305.008 Otology suction tube (bent) 305.009

YS308 Ear Planer (Ear Drill)

308.001 mobile phone motor 308.002 controller 308.003 foot switch 308.004 straight head 308.005 curved head 308.006 ear drill bit spherical Φ2×70 308.007 ear drill bit spherical Φ3×70 308.008 ear drill bit spherical Φ4×70 308.009 ear drill bit spherical Φ5×70 308.010 ear drill bit spherical Φ6×70

YS306 sinus planer (nasal drill)

306.001 mobile phone motor 306.002 controller 306.003 foot switch 306.006 oblique cut cutter head 306.007 Bevel tooth cutter head 306.008 spherical cutter head 306.009 Internal and external tooth cutter head Option 306.010 internal cutting curved cutter head 306.011 Outer Cut Scimitar Head

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