YS602 joint planer

602.101 host (controller) 602.102 foot controller 602.103 Joint planer mobile phone 602.104 Joint cutter head with oblique teeth 602.105 Joint cutter head with oblique mouth without teeth 602.106 Joint cutter head has teeth inside and outside 602.107 joint cutter head spherical

Endoscope connector

1.040 connector With WOLF endoscope 11.041 connector Equipped with WOLF cold light source 111.042 connector Equipped with OLYMPUS cold light source 111.043 connector With ACMI light guide plug end 111.044 connector Equipped with ACMI, STRYKER endoscope 111.045 connector With STRYKER light guide plug end


111.001 20L/minute 20L/minute 111.002 30L/minute

Medical endoscope and instrument sterilization box

107.021 Double Hysteroscopic Surgery System Sterilization Box 490×282×125mm 107.024 Cold knife hysteroscope sterilization box 395×120×80mm 111.060 Laparoscopy instrument sterilization box 540×230×70mm 111.060.2 Laparoscopy instrument sterilization box 540×300×155mm 111.060.5 Laparoscopy instrument sterilization box (wrapped) 550×250×100mm 111.070 Endoscope instrument sterilization box (abdominal cavity, bladder) 440×84×42mm 111.071 Endoscope instrument sterilization box (ear, nose, throat) 270×84×42mm 111.072 Sinusoscope instrument sterilization box (full set) 360×260×90mm 111.073 Support laryngoscope disinfection box (full set) 435×210×90mm 111.074 urethral cystoscope sterilization box (full set) 530×230×90mm 111.075 ureteroscope disinfection box 660×140×80mm 111.076 Electric hysterectomy sterilizer (full set) 540×250×135mm 111.077 Resection mirror disinfection box (full set) 420×280×90mm 111.081 Hysteroscope sterilization box 380×140×85mm 111.081.1 Hysteroscope and supporting surgical instrument sterilization box 490×200×70mm

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