YS398HD Medical Endoscope Camera System

Output pixels: 1920×1080 progressive scan, three-chip COMS technology Signal to noise ratio: >50dB Camera waterproof level: IPX7 Horizontal ultimate definition >1400 lines Color reproduction ability: ≥level four Minimum illumination: <3lx (lux) Video output: DVI, S-VIDEO, COMPOSITE VIEDO Shutter speed: Auto: 1/50s to 1500005 Working mode: 5 kinds Shutter closed state: 1/50s Image brightness enhancement: 3 levels adjustable White balance: automatic mode/manual mode

YSJ-Ⅲ type medical pressurizer

Voltage: AC220V, 50HZ Power: 50VA Working pressure adjustment range: 5kpa~30kpa; -30kpa~-5kpa Atmospheric pressure range: 760hpa~1060hpa Maximum flow: positive pressure ≥1000ml/min; negative pressure ≥1500ml/min

YSG-Ⅰ cold light source (xenon lamp)

Power supply voltage: ~220,50HZ Color temperature: ≥5500K Illumination: ≥3000000LX Color rendering index: >92 Illumination uniformity: <0.5

Camera system

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