Endoscope connector

1.040 connector With WOLF endoscope 11.041 connector Equipped with WOLF cold light source 111.042 connector Equipped with OLYMPUS cold light source 111.043 connector With ACMI light guide plug end 111.044 connector Equipped with ACMI, STRYKER endoscope 111.045 connector With STRYKER light guide plug end


111.001 20L/minute 20L/minute 111.002 30L/minute

Medical endoscope and instrument sterilization box

107.021 Double Hysteroscopic Surgery System Sterilization Box 490×282×125mm 107.024 Cold knife hysteroscope sterilization box 395×120×80mm 111.060 Laparoscopy instrument sterilization box 540×230×70mm 111.060.2 Laparoscopy instrument sterilization box 540×300×155mm 111.060.5 Laparoscopy instrument sterilization box (wrapped) 550×250×100mm 111.070 Endoscope instrument sterilization box (abdominal cavity, bladder) 440×84×42mm 111.071 Endoscope instrument sterilization box (ear, nose, throat) 270×84×42mm 111.072 Sinusoscope instrument sterilization box (full set) 360×260×90mm 111.073 Support laryngoscope disinfection box (full set) 435×210×90mm 111.074 urethral cystoscope sterilization box (full set) 530×230×90mm 111.075 ureteroscope disinfection box 660×140×80mm 111.076 Electric hysterectomy sterilizer (full set) 540×250×135mm 111.077 Resection mirror disinfection box (full set) 420×280×90mm 111.081 Hysteroscope sterilization box 380×140×85mm 111.081.1 Hysteroscope and supporting surgical instrument sterilization box 490×200×70mm

Light guide

111.009 Ordinary/Screw Φ4×1800mm 111.009.1 Normal/Socket Φ4×1 800mm 111.010 Ordinary/Screw Φ4×2500mm 111.010.1 Ordinary/Socket Φ4×2500mm

YS198 Medical Endoscope Camera System

Output pixels: 752×582 Camera waterproof level: IPX7 Horizontal limit definition: >500 lines Image sensor: 1/3" CCD White balance: automatic mode/manual mode Minimum illumination: not more than 0.1lx (lux) Signal to noise ratio: >50dB

YS398 Medical Endoscope Camera System

Output pixels: 1920×1080 progressive scan, single chip COMS technology Signal to noise ratio: >50dB Camera waterproof level: IPX7 Horizontal ultimate definition >950 lines Color reproduction ability: ≥level four Minimum illumination: <3lx (lux) Video output: DVI, S-VIDEO, COMPOSITE VIEDO Shutter speed: Auto: 1/50s to 1/50000s Working mode: 5 kinds Shutter closed state: 1/50s Image brightness enhancement: 3 levels adjustable White balance: automatic mode/manual mode

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